Friday, May 8, 2009

CBN Choir, State Champ!

First of all,

having lots of fun practicing together

After that?

After inter school competition!
wheee.. we won 1st!

i just simply snapped this pic..haha

and Last but not least?!

WHEE! we won 1st again in National level comp

tsk tsk..
dont have a better picture, sorry :/

once again, RESSONANT[CBN choir team] WON![but im not in it thou]

they sang Hot and cold, Tanah Pusaka and Man in the mirror :]

as they won for the state level,
they will soon be going for the national competition,
which will be held at JOHOR!O.O

good luck to them!:D
you rock, Ressonant!

Friday, May 1, 2009


1st of May is today,
and its holiday! xD
as its the Labour day today :]

9:00am woke up from my beauty sleep
9:30am breakfast
10:00am play computer games

1:0opm lunch
1:30pm went out with my loupo(Erina) to play bowling :)
[my own new record- 90 points!hahah]
6:00pm back home

6:15pm went to Carefour with my mum to buy some stuffs
[super long queue! -.-]
8:00pm dinner at PizzaHut
9:00pm went to Carefour AGAIN to buy phone screen protector and Vaseline for my Gpa
9:30pm eat sushi, drink Harrods' Asam tea
10:30pm watch X-men Origin- Wolverine!!
omg... super super super nice!!
Hugh Jackman so LENGZAI :P

12:30am bath! .....
1:00am sleep :]

Happy Birthday Suann!

Happy Birthday to you,
You're born in the zoo,
with the piggies and cowies..
Happy Birthday to you!

Happy Birthday Suann!!
aka Susu aka HLmilk fans aka Dabian!XD

this is on the 30th of april~
su: yo....!hahhahhaa

Birthday Girl = [the only one with make up ;P]

toothie! :S

gosh.. this picture is so funny.. xD

We're always best friends!!
even in pet society..nyehehe XD

what she thought me earlier..
now i give you back!

1 thing 2 do 3 words 4 you!
I LOVE YOU!hahahahhah
*im not lesbian -.-*

Thursday, April 30, 2009


just create face book not long ago,
and now im half addicted to their applications XD

First of all.. Pet society!o.o
in one week time, i become lvl 23 ..
hahahah its quite boring thou but yet i like to play .__.

Visiting friend! :]
when i was...lvl2 o.o

Racing :/

My First Poop!LOL xD

In my house :]

and.. squid o.o

Geo Challenge!haha
Im not pro,but i still quite like to play :]

One of the game in Geo Challenge..

Add Image
total= 7.581k

Conclusion: Cabin Crew!LOL

Anoif scored over 20k+
crazy eh...

Next target!!

Who has the Biggest Brain?

one of the games..

you can even challenge ppl!

and lastly, the ranking.. :/

There is also Word Challenge :]!

erm erm, i think assassin looks cool << XD

But for now, im a pro wrestler
with 3.313k point :/

Intan, pei ching, renee ,rebecca and more are
SO pro .__. they score over 10k+++++++

Other than these.. there is also a game called Restaurant city!
but that one i din really play.. just started a little,
then kena abandoned by me ed XD

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Happy Birthday PhoonPhoon!

Happy Birthdy Phoon Phoon!

go wish her!

go hug her!

go kiss her!
go give her!(present)

cant find her?
give it to me ;]
i'll help u pass it to her.. *cough cough*

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

In The Star!

Have a look!:D hahah..

in The Star newspaper on the 12th of April 2009..

This is my brother!
Johnnn.. :]
(leng zai anot?hahaha)

as a top student in HELP university college,
scoring 12 As with CGPA of 3.70!

helping HELP to promote HELP!hahaha..

He's now in Australia,
studying in the University of Queensland..

Monday, April 13, 2009


A: "What is the day today?"
B: "Monday! :)"
A: "Your answer is incorrect!!-.- The correct answer is..


Happy birthday
Gucccccci L.

Haven wish her?
Haven give her present?
GO GIVE!(to me also XD)

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Pesta Gym 2009 [Day2]

Went to school early at 8.00am to get ready for the Gymnastrada before going to the stadium! :)

Fiona's mum came to help out in tying our hair :]
thanks lots!

and while waiting for others to be ready...

we...Take PIC!LOL :S

After we're prepared, we hopped on the bus..
and here we go to Stadium Badminton Cheras!:)

* many ppl*
i saw ms Beh and wished her.. phew xD
she said i grew taller again! .__. Lol

after settling down everything, we went down and start practicing
it was quite bad that time.. even the SKcbn teacher ask us to do better :S
and Aliya's mum helped us to touch up our blusher.. oh boy.. so red x_x

Time passed very quickly,without knowing its our turn ad!!
We did quite well i guess :) compared to normal practice.. hahah
like got semangat ady!wheee..xD

(i dono why, but when i was dancing,i got a feeling that my lips is shinning!LOL weirdd.)

After all teams had performed, there's a short break!
which means....?
its time to take pic!AGAIN..ghahaha ;D

Group pic :]
why is the pros not inside?0.0

Me with ah Chung(Chloe)!:]

Me with Soo Xynn..

These are some pics we took at the audience seat there :]



lastly,its time for Penyampaian Hadiah!! :)

Grats Syakirah!:D
pro pro pro..

and Grats Sotong too!xD
pro pro pro pro...

1st Vivace Dance World
2nd SMJK Chong Hua
3rd Mickey Mouse team(dono wat school)
4th SMK Cbn

LOL 4th..
oh well, atleast we got something..hahah ;)
and we tried our best~

After penyampaian hadiah,
here we go..
"happy birthday to you..happy birthday to you..
Happy birthday to Kahmunn and Emy!
Happy birthday to you.." xD
We love you. We hope you love us too!:P

I hope they were happy about it :)
and sotong i hope u like the card and present~ :D
Although the plan failed a bit... :S
and the cake a bit lam bek bek *~*

and THANKS JIE!!XD for sending the cake,
and caused you to sesat in cheras' nowhere for so long..sorry sorry :S
without you the plan wont even work..
muaccccksss!! :3

Friday, April 10, 2009

Pesta Gym 2009 [Day1]

On the 10th of April,
I went to Stadium Badminton Cheras to "help out" there for the Pesta Gym competition~
but ended up WATCHING more than HELPING!!hahahah xD

Its an international competition i think?
i saw gymnast from NZ,Australia,Russia and more!
Even pro pro ppl like Seow Ting, Syakirah,Albina,Chloe,Emy and Sotong took part in it !! :D

Here are some snap shots during their competition!




Sotong!!!(Kah Munn)
PRO?!! :)




Wan Haniza!

Elaine Koon!


I have more pictures in my comp,but lazy to upload XD
if you want you can tell me :)

but after the break, my camera battery go kuang ed!!!! T^T
so can't take pic/video..

i missed taking everybody's pic/video!
Anyway, Sotong's rope was realy really GOOOOOOD!!! xD
she got 21.250 marks for it!:)